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Anne–Marie’s Business Goal Is To Generate Online Sales Of Her Handmade Purses. Her Google Ads Costs Are $100 Per Week And She Wants To Know If Her Advertising Investment Is Paying Off. What Additional Information Do You Need In Order To Calculate Her Return On Investment (ROI)?

Anne–Marie’s business goal is to generate online sales of her handmade purses. Her Google Ads costs are $100 per week and she wants to know if her advertising investment is paying off. What additional information do you need in order to calculate her return on investment (ROI)? How many times ...

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Your New Client’s Google Ads Account Has One Campaign With One Ad Group That Contains A List Of Hundreds Of Keywords. Which Best Practice Should You Follow When Re–Organizing This Client’s Keywords?

Your new client’s Google Ads account has one campaign with one ad group that contains a list of hundreds of keywords. Which best practice should you follow when re–organizing this client’s keywords? Remove half of the keywords from the ad group Create new ad groups with related keywords grouped together ...

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All Other Things Being Equal, If You’ve Set A Maximum Cost–Per–Click (Max. CPC) Bid Of USD $1 For Your Ads, And If The Next Most Competitive Bid Is USD $0.50 For The Same Ad Position, What Is The Actual Amount You’d Pay For That Click?

All other things being equal, if you’ve set a maximum cost–per–click (max. CPC) bid of USD $1 for your ads, and if the next most competitive bid is USD $0.50 for the same ad position, what is the actual amount you’d pay for that click? $0.51 $1 $0.50 $1.01

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